Harper Herman

Harper Herman is a Junior studying studio art and advertising at the University of Colorado Boulder. From a very young age, Harper always had an appreciation for art. As she got older, she started to truly understand the profound ways it can connect with people. Throughout the years, as her own personal style developed, she gained a stronger appreciation for creativity as well as originality. 

Harper has always felt compelled to create work that is personal and original. As an artist, she pulls inspiration by observing the world around her and commenting on the society in which we live. More specifically, she likes to express the unspoken human experiences that we all undergo, and how that can evoke inner confinement and the feeling of being misunderstood. She does this by using a veil of dark humor throughout her art, in a street art style that is unique to her. 

Harper likes expressing her ideas through a variety of techniques. This includes drawing, digital art, as well as her new found love for sculpture and three-dimensional art. Harper hopes her art leaves the viewer thinking and connects with people from all different walks of life.

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