Blayr Feinauer

Blayr attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati for a short period of time, and was also accepted into the Kentucky Governor's School of Arts (GSA) in 2018! She is a 19 year old aspiring artist, and her main goal is to encourage people to take things into a new view, seeing as how her 'type' of art seems to be rejected quite often for not being understood. Art to Blayr should be subjective and not follow the rule of preferences. You should make what you want, regardless of if it's accepted or liked or not.


Blayr’s preferred mediums are 3D Design, Costume Design, and Acrylic Painting. A lot of her art is dark-based and created with purpose and emotion, intending to give information about herself, but also encourage the viewer to attach their own personal meaning to the pieces. The 'dark arts' as she likes to call them seems to be something you don't see very much of...ever. It isn't gore or anything grotesque that she creates, but rather pieces with the subtitle of 'pain is beauty.'

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